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Art gallery

Tomek Tomkowiak

Philosopher by education, associated with a love of traveling, involved as photographer. His line are glamor photographs, beauty, fashion and nude. Prepares commercial sessions and original projects. Twice was winner of the competition Photo Erotica organized by the Polish edition of Playboy, one time received the first prize. In January of 2007 he had his cover in Playboy. Has prepared photo shots in Mallorca and London for the British Playboy.

His work was showed in September 2008 by collective photography exhibition in Stara Drukarnia in Poznań.

In October of 2008, as part of the festival MADE IN POZNAN, Tomek Tomkowiak held an art exhibition of photographs contained photos from the session "Is it a sin?" The opening of the exhibition was accompanied by TV Business, on which initiative was prepared a special program about Tomek activities, what was repeated on television many times. 

The growing interest in the works of Tomek meant that in March of 2009 he was a special guest at the meeting organized by Business Centre Club, where he presented his portfolio.

His passion beside a photography are traveling. most frequently visited Asia and Africa. Repeatedly he returned to Zanzibar and this had become his second home. Often his travels is combined with work in exotic places. There executes orders for clients (this year he worked in Cuba, where he prepared the swimwear session for one of the Polish companies).

February this year he traveled to Ethiopia, to the Omo Valley, where he brought photos of truly wild and black Africa.

As he says: "In principle, any image speaks to the man most. What is unspeakable apparently does not exist. But photography, like the word, is the art of extracting of the unseen world. Life conjuration. This is a proof of the multipolar reality. I am looking beauty in diversion. Aesthetic human nature. Myself. It is nice for a while to be the Creator. But this falls silent.

Igor Morski

Graphic designer, set designer, graduated with honors from the Academy of Fine Arts (now University of Arts) in Poznan, in 1985.

In the years 1985 - 1992 worked with the Poznań center of Polish Television as a production designer. He has made numerous projects of designed sets for journalistic programs, entertainment, also the TV Theatre m. in. with Andrzej Maleszka.

In the same period realized approx. 200 posters working by Poznan International trade Fair.

At the turn of 1989 - 1990 he worked for the New Theatre in Poznan. In the early 90s he worked with TAFF Art, and Michał Merczyński. He has made numerous illustrations accompanying Malta Festival (including the logo of the festival). At the same time he worked on stage design and graphics associated with festivals Poznan Jazz Fair, Poznan Blues Fair. From the beginning. 90s permanently collaborates with the weekly "Wprost", realizing hundreds of illustrations and dozens of covers.

In 1995 he was co-owner of Morski Studio Graficzne. 

After 2000, he created numerous newspaper illustrations projects, worked with Wprost, Business Week, Business Magazine, Manager Magazine, Characters, Focus Coaching. He works for US customers, including continuously for american Deloitte Review, working with the Australian Agency Illustrationroom. Prepares materials for Australian newspapers Virgin Blue, Fah Thai, ITB, Creative Money. 

During his career collaborated with Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore, Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney, was awarded in the country and abroad: DIGIT, repeatedly VIDICAL, IDEA, repeatedly CHIMERA, including gold and silver.

In 2008 and 2010 he won the most prestigious award in the line: Excellent Award in Communication Arts in the United States. In 2010 and 2011 award Applied Arts in Canada.